“Achit-Ikht” is a hydrometallurgical Plant that uses low-grade mixed ore deposits that is not suitable for Erdenet Mining Corporation's flotation technology and which has been negatively impacting the surrounding environment to produce LME Grade A 99.999% Copper Cathode for the export market.



AIC issued Preferred Shares to ‘Achit-Ikht’ LLC and Erdenet Mining Corporation employees which an annual interest rate of  30%.

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Steppe arena

As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility, we have successfully completed the financing of "Ice Arena" Sports Complex in line with the standards set by the International Olympic Committee which is the first in Mongolia. This complex can seat between 2600-3600 spectators and apart from ice hockey, figure skating and short track competitions, the Sport Complex can host both team and individual sports competitions such as basketball, volleyball, rhythmic gymnastics, boxing, as well as public events such as cultural and art performances, expos, and conferences.

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Cathode copper

The copper produced using electrolytic precipitation via anode solution is pure, flat and free of any damage and physical contamination. This product meets Mongolian Standard MNS 4501:1997 and London Metal Exchange’s BS EN 1978:1988 standard for copper cathodes.  

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