"Achit-Ikht" LLC (AIC) has signed cooperation agreement with the Office of the Governor of Orkhon Province every year beginning from 2018. The agreement aims to tackle issues of environment, education, community employment, and supporting local small and medium-sized businesses.

The Office of the Governor of Orkhon Province and AIC has signed the cooperation agreement for the year of 2023. This agreement envisages implementation of 9 projects in the fields of environment, and education as well as supporting local activities of the community.

The 7 projects in 4 areas agreed in the 2022 agreement were deemed to be completed, with the value given as 100%.

Some of the major projects implemented are as follows:

Waste management: 1440mᶾ of waste was crushed and buried in 32 hectares of landfill, and 1200 mᶾ  of was transported for the purposes of rehabilitation.

"1 Billion Trees" National Movement: a 135-hectare tree-nursery was established with the AIC funding totaling 205,000 USD.

Education: It has become an AIC tradition that we fully refurbish one chemistry laboratory a school each year within the framework of our cooperation agreement. In 2022, we set aside 16,000 USD for this purpose and School No.14 was selected. As a result of this project, 775 school children were involved in various experiments in their new laboratory using the latest equipment.